(Let’s get this out of the way first: It’s pronounced spee-YORK)


A danceable delicacy of mashups, medleys and remixes.

Best eaten with a spork.

The. Mashup. Band.

spjörk (pronounced “spee-YORK”) (just making sure you remember!) performs high-energy mashups, medleys and remixes of dance, pop and rock tunes from the ’80s through today — all played with a fun twist that makes your old favorites sound fresh again.

We’re talking about the freewheeling fun of old-school funk; the remixed mashups of DJs; the four-on-the-four flavor of dance/pop music; and the lo-fi edge of indie rock.

We hope you’re hungry. Grab your spjörk and dig in!


Umm, What the Heck Is a spjörk?

Why, it’s a Swedish spork, of course!

Our band members were brought together by our shared, deep, unrelenting love of IKEA’s Swedish meatballs. (Oh, and mashups — that too.)

And what’s the best way to eat a meatball? Duh! With the greatest mashup of all time, the spork (a spoon and a fork, for the noobs)!

Mashups, sporks, Scandinavian furniture stores … Listen, we’re called spjörk. Just go with it.

Let’s meet the band

They’re here to party. They’re

here to spjörk the house.

David, Lead Vocals

Sure, he’s a handsome, sexy, smooth tenor — but he still giggles every time someone requests Norwegian Wood.

Mario, Keyboards and Vocals

Tech wiz, mashup master, spjörk founder — and a huge fan of Sweden’s cutlery.

Brandon, Drums

Our high-energy drummer plays the funkiest of grooves — and loves reading IKEA instruction manuals.

Hassam, Guitar

He’s a hard-driving guitar player who just happens to make some mean Swedish meatballs!

Upcoming Shows

February 10

Private event

February 17

Private event

March 22

Third Rail in Harvest Hall, Grapevine


Phone: (972) 213-6916

Email: info@spjorkmusic.com

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