(Let’s get this out of the way first: It’s pronounced spee-YORK)


A danceable delicacy of mashups, medleys and remixes.

Best eaten with a spork.

The. Mashup. Band.

spjörk (pronounced “spee-YORK”) (just making sure you remember!) performs high-energy mashups, medleys and remixes of dance, pop and rock tunes from the ’80s through today — all played with a fun twist that makes your old favorites sound fresh again.

We’re talking about the freewheeling fun of old-school funk; the remixed mashups of DJs; the four-on-the-four flavor of dance/pop music; and the lo-fi edge of indie rock.

We hope you’re hungry. Grab your spjörk and dig in!


Umm, What the Heck Is a spjörk?

Why, it’s a Swedish spork, of course!

Our band members were brought together by our shared, deep, unrelenting love of IKEA’s Swedish meatballs. (Oh, and mashups — that too.)

And what’s the best way to eat a meatball? Duh! With the greatest mashup of all time, the spork (a spoon and a fork, for the noobs)!

Mashups, sporks, Scandinavian furniture stores … Listen, we’re called spjörk. Just go with it.

Let’s meet the band

They’re here to party. They’re

here to spjörk the house.

David, Lead Vocals

Sure, he’s a handsome, sexy, smooth tenor — but he still giggles every time someone requests Norwegian Wood.

Mario, Keyboards and Vocals

Tech wiz, mashup master, spjörk founder — and a huge fan of Sweden’s cutlery.

Brandon, Drums

Our high-energy drummer plays the funkiest of grooves — and loves reading IKEA instruction manuals.

Hassam, Guitar

He’s a hard-driving guitar player who just happens to make some mean Swedish meatballs!

Upcoming Shows

July 12

Station 330 in Burleson

August 3

Prairie House in Cross Roads

August 9

Private event

August 23

Harvest Hall in Grapevine


Phone: (972) 213-6916

Email: info@spjorkmusic.com

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