Inspired by the fine, multipurpose Scandinavian cutlery of their native Sweden, cousins Lars Ektørp and Håns Nockeby decided to marry the freewheeling funk of loop-based music with the mixed-up mash-ups of DJs and the lo-fi edge of indie rock — topped off with the delicious meatballs of IKEA.
The result?
A danceable pop delicacy — one that’s best eaten with a spjörk.*
Now, joined by their trusty moose drummer, Otto Ooonters, they’ve flat-packed their easy-to-assemble musical equipment and embarked on a marathon tour of the best bars, bingo parlors and Hobby Lobby stores in the world (focusing mostly on a 3-block area of Waxahachie.)
Some of our hobbies include cleaning carpets and saying “haberdashery.”
*What the heck is a spjörk? It’s the Swedish version of a spork.**
** What the heck is a spork? It’s a spoon and a fork — a mixture of two things … like a mash-up, get it?!

Tour Dates